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We operate from a purpose built crash repair facility. The workshop is fitted with the most up-to-date, modern crash repair equipment including:


  • Computerised Chassis Alignment System

  • Double Sided and Single Sided  Inverter Welder for Boron Steel

  • Mig Braze Welder

  • Spray Bake Oven

  • PPG Compliant Paints

  • Web Based Color Matching System

Our skilled workforce is trained to the highest standard. Cumulatively the workers at Brendan Lowe & Sons can offer in excess of sixty years of panel beating experience with the majority of those years worked in this shop. Commitment to excellence in both customer care and quality workmanship is integral to the service we offer.

Alongside our investment in equipment and training, Brendan Lowe & Sons prioritises our environmental responsibility. We were one of the first Body Shops in Ireland to secure the “Limitations of Emissions of Volatile Compounds” license in 2008. To retain this license bi-annually we pass a stringent environmental audit, carried out by an independent Accredited Inspection Contractor, appointed by the “Environmental Protection Agency”. A significant requirement of this audit is the safe disposal of workshop waste, including hazardous materials. We recently received our 2010 license.


Our clients want the process to be easy for them, to get a replacement car if necessary, and to have the company pay directly without their financial involvement. We recommend Brendan's company because he does all of this and more for our customers...... Brendan Lowe Accident Repair Specialists is the best accident repair company in our region.

Jane Brady, Brady Insurance​


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